The 4-weeks Full Stack Developer Free Course

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So, you want to become a full stack developer. This is a great idea: it is a fulfilling job that can pay well and that you can do from anywhere. Wonderful, but how do you start? With this full stack developer free course! Yes, you read right, this course will transform you into a full stack developer starting from scratch: zero to hero.

In this page, that is the index of our full stack developer free course, you find everything you need to get started. We will explain you why to take the course, what to expect from it, and organize your study into 4 weeks.

Why should I become a Full Stack Developer?

If you don’t have a good reason driving you, you will probably quit. This is true not only for becoming a full stack developer, but with everything in life. And, as with everything in life, reasons are personal: the reason someone has will not work on someone else. You need to find your own reasons to be a full stack developer.

It does not mean you are all alone into this, though! Quite the opposite, most people always share the same reasons to become a full stack developer. And here we are counting both seasoned and aspiring developers. Before we dive into the reasons, just as a refresher on who a full stack developer is.

A Full Stack Developer is someone who can create a web-app all on her own – start to finish. She is someone who transforms an idea into a real app, no external help needed.

I have to say it sounds fantastic; it almost feels like magic. You have the power to transform ideas into reality, and that is the first motivation people have. If you have an idea for an app that will change the world and not the budget to have someone create it, becoming a full stack developer is your best shot.

If you had the skills of a full stack developer, you could have created things like Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Lyft, Instagram, Snapchat – I think you see the pattern. Becoming a full stack developer may not give you the revolutionizing idea you need, but it gives you the tool to realize when you happen to have it.

More mundanely, there is always a high need of full stack developers in the job market. So, if you want to reinvent yourself or start a new career, possibly earning more, this is also a good reason.

Why should I take the Full Stack Developer Free Course?

There are many ways to become a full stack developer online, both paid and free. Why picking this course over others?

Obviously, the full stack developer free course is completely free. You can read it all online, without even registering. Since it is an online course, you can proceed at your own pace, and read over and over the parts that you find most important. However, I believe the most important part is this: it has everything you need. In just one place, you can simply browse from one tutorial to the next, and eventually you will have learned everything.

This is not to say that all the skills that are needed for a full stack developer are in the course – that is impossible for any course. But this full stack developer free course will empower you with most of the skills and will give you the critical thinking so that you know exactly what to look for when you need something that was not covered in the course. Even more, we have some extra tips that often only seasoned professionals know.

What to expect from the course?

In this course, we will start with the basics, explaining in detail the role of a full stack developer. Then, we will move to installing all the tools you need to do the work, and a particular focus on Git – an essential application to manage the code you write and to work in team.

After that introduction, we will start with the basics of HTML to create web pages, to later move to CSS to add some style, and JavaScript to add some animation. By reaching this point, you will become an “old-fashioned” frontend developer – one that cares about the user’s experience. But we do not stop there.

Once you have the basics, we will see a modern JavaScript framework to create better user experience, faster: Vue.js. With this, you will effectively become a modern frontend developer. But even that is not enough.

From the frontend, we will move to backend to process data and store it safely, thanks to Express.js. Once you learn that, you will have both frontend and backend skills – transforming yourself into a real full stack developer.

To conclude, we give you some extra DevOps tool that will help you create your web applications faster, and better without incurring in bugs. We are talking about CI/CD and tests, but if you do not know what they are do not worry – those are advanced concepts, and we will get there. I see that virtually no course talks about them. Well, lucky for you the full stack developer free course does!

If you are still not convinced, you should look at the first three tutorials (Who is a Full Stack Developer?, Which Skills are Needed?, Software for Full Stack Developers). They will help you understand if you want to become a full-stack developer or not.

4-Weeks Full Stack Developer Course

Here we have the full content table of the course. If you open any tutorial of the course, you will find at the end the link to the next and the previous one.

Week 1: Getting Started

We start this full stack developer free course with the tools you need to develop.
To write beautiful code in any programming language, you need to start by using Git.

This week is all about getting started with full stack development. You will understand what we are going to do, prepare your computer to develop, and understand how to use the tools.

Week 2: The Basics of Web Development

Then, we continue with several HTML and CSS tutorials to show you the basics of web development.
HTML Basics Tutorial

Second week is going to be a little bit more intense, as we have a lot of ground to cover. Here, we will see how to create a basic static website using first HTML, and then CSS to apply some style to it. As you finish the second week, you will have already some skills you can use at work.

Week 3: JavaScript

JavaScript is crucial in modern development, and it is at the heart of this full stack developer free course. As part of this, we will have an extensive explanation on how to use it.
How to get started with JS in a complete tutorial.

Things will get fancy in the third week. In fact, we will cover JavaScript, that is the programming language we will use in both frontend and backend. Not only we will learn how to use JavaScript, but also how to put it into practice to animate our web page and make it feel more dynamic, much more like an Android or iOS app.

Week 4: Advanced JavaScript and DevOps

The last week of the full stack developer free course will be all about advanced features, with a major focus on frontend and backend frameworks as well as devops.
Full Stack Docker File Tutorial

In our final week, we build on top of our JavaScript knowledge to learn the Vue.js framework for the frontend, and Express.js for the backend. With this week, you will have all the tools you need to create a fully-fledged application. And, on top of this, we will discuss pro-developer tips, such as unit testing and DevOps. Those are more like an introduction, but they lay a solid foundation in case you want to dive deeper. Effectively, with these skills you could shortcut yourself to a more senior position faster than you would think.

Week 5 and Onward

True, the full stack developer free course will give you a lot of skills in 4 weeks. Yet, in this fast-paced world, we can never go enough. Once you finish our course, we encourage you to learn more about the things that you are good at. For example, if you enjoyed particularly Vue.js, you should sharpen your skills there by learning more advanced features – either on or on the rest of the Internet.

Most importantly, in these four weeks you will gain much more than technical skills. You will start to think like a Full Stack Developer, and as such you will know how to move around, what to search on Google, how to consult Stack Overflow and more. In other words, if you feel there is something you want to be better at, you will know how to do it by yourself.

Oh, and as a bonus we have all the code from the entire course available for free on here.

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Alessandro Maggio

Project manager, critical-thinker, passionate about networking & coding. I believe that time is the most precious resource we have, and that technology can help us not to waste it. I founded with the same principle: I share what I learn so that you get value from it faster than I did.
Picture of Alessandro Maggio

Alessandro Maggio

Project manager, critical-thinker, passionate about networking & coding. I believe that time is the most precious resource we have, and that technology can help us not to waste it. I founded with the same principle: I share what I learn so that you get value from it faster than I did.

Alessandro Maggio